Our driving focus is to grow your online business in support of your strategic goals and to exceed your operational expectations.

Looking for a full e-commerce solution? Our popular managed e-commerce solution meets all your needs. Without high upfront technology costs, we build your web presence and ensure your products reach satisfied customers. Learn how international brands Samsonite & Godiva employ this solution.

Have a specific project or need? All our services are offered a la carte. We can satisfy any element of your e-commerce solution to round out your e-business.

  1. Strategic Consulting
    1. Development of e-business plan and strategy
    2. Multi-channel retail for brands
    3. Customer relationship management
    4. Review of your current e-business
  2. Omni-channel capabilities: building and integration
    1. Purchase online and deliver in store
    2. In store endless aisle on tablets
    3. Digital warranty and loyalty programme
    4. Customer journey mapping
  3. Website Design, Creation and Hosting
    1. Multilingual stores in different currencies
    2. Multi-warehouse
    3. Pricing per country
    4. Optimization for all platforms including tablets and mobile
  4. Content Creation and Management
    1. Product creation
    2. Product photography
    3. Copywriting
    4. Catalogue management
    5. Merchandising & promotions
  5. E-Marketing
    1. Customer acquisition (e.g. search engine optimization and online advertising)
    2. Customer retention (e.g. eCRM including e-mail marketing)
    3. Conversion optimization
    4. Information design and usability
    5. Analysis and reporting
    6. E-marketing strategy
  6. Order Management & Fulfilment
    1. Multilingual customer care
    2. Warehousing
    3. Stock management
    4. Packaging
    5. International delivery (including reverse logistics)
    6. Special handling (customized order fulfilment for special events)
  7. Financial Services
    1. Online payment management
    2. Fraud detection
    3. Fiscal representation and VAT declaration
    4. Invoicing