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Skilful software development to realise Samsonite's branding needs. Outstanding localisation capabilities.
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Luxurious multilingual store in different currencies with delivery all over Europe.
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Supporting a European Brand with its eCommerce in the USA.
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In 2009, Samsonite outsourced its e-commerce offerings as previous in-house e-commerce solutions did not meet expectations and goals.

After a competitive process, Samsonite chose Frucon² to provide its complete European e-commerce services. This decision was based on Frucon²'s exceptional speed-to-market and successful record of providing online retail solutions for well-known brands.

The challenge was to develop an engaging e-commerce shopping experience uniquely designed for Samsonite's customers.


The new Samsonite websites were deployed on the proprietary Frucon² database. This versatile software originally supported Samsonite's online needs and was tailored to support unique features.

The Frucon² content team generated effective sales copy and high-quality images :

  1. Beautiful zoom photos showcase the aesthetics and technical details of Samsonite's suitcases.
  2. Technical details drive the descision process of Samsonite consumers. Frucon² devised a new technique to display product specifications in an inviting and clear manner, allowing for easy cross-site comparisons.
  3. Additional online tools were created to assist clients in product research and facilitate offline or online buying.

Every day, Samsonite's sales and marketing teams work closely with Frucon². A strong online presence and customer loyalty are our primary goals. The user experience is constantly evaluated and improved to meet the exacting demands of Samsonite consumers and drive high conversion results across 14 European countries.


  1. E-commerce conversion rates have doubled for almost all countries.
  2. Yearly revenue growth rates of Samsonite's online sales are well above industry averages.
  3. Engagement of consumers with site content such as photos and the comparison functionality is very high.
  4. Customers routinely send in positive reviews of the online experience.


In 2014 we added omni-channel capabilities on Frucon²'s system for Samsonite.

  1. Click & collect where consumers can purchase online and have it delivered in store
  2. Endless aisle where tablets are used in store to enable customers to shop the complete catalogue
  3. More capabilities coming in 2015

After 5 years of operating on Frucon²'s system, Frucon² and Samsonite jointly decided to move Samsonite's e-commerce to the Demandware platform as we continue to scale our online business and to build for omni-channel. The first country roll-out on Demandware was Switzerland, launched in October 2014.


Godiva carries a name synonymous with luxury and is expert in providing a first-class customer experience in its European retail boutiques. The challenge was to extend this image and level of customer care to a single European online portal that would service deliveries across Europe from customers around the globe.

Specifically, Frucon² needed to :

  1. Create an online shopping experience as luxurious as the Godiva brand.
  2. Build an online store for delivery to 35 countries in Europe capable of processing international orders from anywhere in the world.
  3. Warehouse Godiva's premium chocolates and ensure that they reach the consumer in perfect condition whether that person lives in Geneva, Rome or Helsinki.
  4. Manage sales fulfilment from individual consumers to large B-2-B orders and custom requests, operating in concert with Godiva's sales staff.


Godiva selected Frucon² as its European e-commerce partner because of its unique one-stop-shop solution. Frucon²'s full service e-commerce solution encompasses all components of a successful international e-commerce presence :

  1. Customizable website development with ongoing technical support.
  2. Creation of website content including high resolution images, copy writing and SEO optimization.
  3. A to Z management of orders from single boxes of chocolates to six-digit corporate sales.
  4. Complete handling of shipping and delivery to over 35 countries, including international shipping logistics such as customs clearance and local tax management.
  5. Warehousing in our food-grade facility conveniently located in the heart of Europe.
  6. Full-service online marketing including eCRM, newsletters and Google Adwords.

Results :

  1. The online store has facilitated strong sales from European and international customers. Non-European clients have found it an easy way to send gifts to family, friends and business associates in Europe and account for more than one-third of all sales.
  2. Godiva and Frucon² sales staff work as a seamless team to service corporate clients placing large business orders.
  3. Customers routinely send positive reviews of the shopping process and customer-first approach practiced by our staff.


Neuhaus is a prestigious Belgian chocolatier celebrating over 160 years as the originator, the innovator, and the quintessence of Belgian Chocolate excellence. The challenge was to help this established European company make a successful transition into the US eCommerce market. Goals included building brand recognition in North America, establishing a robust online presence, providing world-class customer service to the American luxury sector, and delivering chocolates tasting as fresh as if they had been purchased in Brussels.

Specifically, Frucon² needed to:

  1. Create a website that meets multiple needs simultaneously:
    1. Showcase Neuhaus’s Belgian heritage.
    2. Educate new consumers about the brand and about Belgian chocolates.
    3. Provide the efficient product-centric shopping experience that American consumers prefer.
  2. Collaborate with the Neuhaus US-based warehouse for seamless delivery of the gourmet chocolates across all 50 states in all weather conditions.
  3. Take an omni-channel view with focus on direct-to-consumer sales.
  4. Manage sales and provide the high level of customer service expected by the American luxury consumer.
  5. Leverage our consulting expertise to bridge the differences between the European and the US eCommerce landscapes.


Neuhaus selected Frucon² as its US eCommerce partner because of our longestablished relationship with Neuhaus in Europe combined with our local expertise and presence in the US market. Frucon²'s full service eCommerce solution encompasses all components of a successful eCommerce presence:

  1. Customizable website development with ongoing technical support.
  2. Creation of website content including high resolution images, copy writing by native American English-speakers, and SEO optimization specifically for the US market.
  3. A US-based team to provide responsive website management to Neuhaus and world-class customer service to consumers.
  4. A win-win business strategy in which Frucon² directly invested in successful revenue growth of the website through a partially commission-based compensation model.
  5. Full-service online marketing including eCRM, newsletters, and Google Adwords.
  6. Consultation on US-specific product development, holiday marketing strategies, and expansion of US customer base.

Results :

  1. The online boutique has facilitated strong sales and steady growth in the USA. Americans who knew Neuhaus from their travels in Europe are able to conveniently order the chocolates online for quick delivery in the US. Brand awareness is increasing among new American consumers and corporate clients.
  2. Neuhaus and Frucon² staff operate as a seamless team to fulfil orders, strategize for marketing and growth, and develop the brand’s reputation in the USA.
  3. The website has developed a very strong base of loyal “super-fans” who consistently praise the product, their online shopping experience, and the high level of customer care provided by our staff.